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Our team at Auxano is ready to take on your marketing as seamlessly as it would be if managed in house but with the expertise of multiple marketing experts. Outsourcing your marketing can be extremely valuable to your business for the following reasons;

  • A team will always get a better result than an individual
  • Less risk and cost than employing in-house
  • Industry training is conducted by us on a weekly basis to ensure your business is utilising the most current and effective digital strategies
  • You know where you stand, our team will make our strategy clear, trackable and it doesn’t take a HR department to manage us! In other words, its in our best interests to deliver you amazing service ALL of the time.

Some of the things we can do for you;

  • Develop marketing strategies for your businesses at any stage of development; idea, implementation, new, existing or established businesses and brands
  • Implement your marketing plan as an internal marketing manager would
  • Provide innovative and unique ideas to engage your ideal customers
  • Develop, build and refine customer databases
  • Manage your PR and online reputation
  • Assist with emergency and critical incident response via social media
  • Create a comprehensive social media strategy to incorporate into your current marketing strategy
  • Manage all your social media content and communication