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The topics we can cover;

  • Parent and child group session (age specific) ‘Understanding social media and cyber safety’ (to help bridge the knowledge gap and improve parents understanding) these are best done during the evening or on weekends.
  • Parent session ‘Protecting our kids online’ this would include information about cyber bullying and cyber predators and how to safe guard our kids while embracing the digital age we are in.
  • A whole school or in class presentations ‘Social Media Safety’ covering bullying and predator safety.
  • A whole school or in class presentation ‘Career and Social Media’ covering reputation management as well as networking skills, creating an effective online resume and setting up LinkedIn. This would also reference what they put online being permanently available to anyone looking – so awareness around future proofing themselves (this is great for the older age groups).
  • Skill building” how to leverage social media skills to become a valuable asset to any business. In this session we show them how to use existing knowledge to either earn an income or become a valuable employee by understanding the key fundamentals to marketing a business online and building social media exposure.

We’re able to work in any specific needs the school may have and adjust any of the above to suit preferences.

Course options – time can be adjusted to fit between 45 and 90 minute sessions.


  • Educate parents about the dangers and benefits of social media and how to keep their families safe.
  • Educate students on the correct use of social media, cyber safety and bullying awareness.
  • Educate teachers on cyber bullying and predator awareness and safety.
  • Educate on employment, reputation and networking.