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If you would like to find out more about our Social Media Quick Start course, check it out > here

Workshops is an Auxano specialty and a way for us to work with multiple businesses or individuals to create a highly effective learning environment. Sam’s greatest skill is taking the complex and at times confusing and teaching it in simplified terms that absolutely anyone can understand and implement.

Although we can cover all methods of marketing, our workshops are generally specific to digital and social media training. From time to time you will find us conducting free workshops and its well worth making the most of these opportunities but we also run privately booked workshops which can be industry or business specific.

What makes our workshops so attractive? Aside from being available in-person or online for convenience, we pride ourselves on teaching only what we have tested, proven and know to be accurate.

Workshops can be conducted as short, full day or courses spread over a number of weeks.

Available for travel Australia wide and Internationally.